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IP Lebanon Highlights 2011
P.3 Stay of Execution of the Prison Sentence in Counterpart of the Payment of a Compensation within a Month.
P.4 Priority of Protection Granted to the Registered Mark.
P.6 Nahhas: “7,000 Trademarks Registered in 2010”.
P.7 Sader: “Chalk in Medications…”
P.8 “Beware of Counterfeit! Winner of the Silver Lion Award”.

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IP Lebanon Highlights 2010
P.2 30 Million LBP: Compensation for the Imitation of Perfume Trademarks
P.3 The Latest Measures Against: Counterfeit Medication & food products, as well as Software Piracy
P.4 Investigation: The Incrimination of the Silent Killer: Raising the Sentence on crimes regarding counterfeit Medication from Misdemeanor to Felony
P.11 Recommendations from the Conference on “The Impact of the Protection of Trademarks on the Economic Growth in Light of the Madrid Regulations”
P.12 375 Billion USD for the Top 10 Global Brands in 2009
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