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Rany SADER: Lebanon IP Taxation Heaven - a boost to its economy June 6, 2016

Beirut - Lebanon

In a radio interview held on the 4th of June, 2016 on “Radio Liban” station hosted by Journalist Kawthar Hanbouri, IP Specialist Attorney Rany Sader, managing partner of SADER & Associates, shed light on the importance of Intellectual Property to Lebanon and its Economy. 
According to Attorney Sader “Lebanon should set a plan to facilitate e investment related to Intellectual Property: it should adopt some strategies similar to the ones adopted in neighboring countries in which the economy is similar to its economy, such as Cyprus which is considered an “IP Tax Heaven”. 
Such a taxation policy will have an impact on IP driven start-ups, which are considered a main pillar in the Lebanese Economy. 
He additionally went on to state that despite the instability, due to the geo-political influences affecting Lebanon due to its surroundings, Brand owners willing to fight counterfeit are nevertheless getting good results in Lebanon due to the well-established Public-Private partnership in this regard.
“Protecting IPR is essential if we want to build a strong IP Culture in Lebanon”, he said. 
Attorney SADER urged the enforcement bodies to be very active during this pre-Ramadan phase where large quantities of counterfeit food products are being imported to Lebanon. 
He finished by thanking the Ministry of Economy and Trade, and the Internal Security Forces, for the efforts its doing in protecting the Consumers and Intellectual property Rights, and considered that the Customs should double its efforts, if any, in preventing the importation of counterfeits through Lebanon Boarders. 

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