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Haddad to L’Orient le Jour : Advertiser must prove the veracity of the information contained in Advertising  June 28, 2016

Beirut – Lebanon 
Attorney Nisrine El Haddad, Partner and Head of IP at SADER & Associates, addressed her opinion to l’Orient le Jour regarding the new decree emitted on the 12th of May 2016 by the Ministry of Economy and Trade. 
The new decree (n° 3380) regulates the advertising sector and completes the consumer protection law of 2005. Several details were mentioned in order to ensure transparency:  health protection of children and adults, necessity to display the target age group, prohibition of advertising that compares competing products and requirement to display the total product price including taxes.
Haddad indicated that this is the first time that the agency’s responsibilities are clearly stated in case of fake advertising. Although that a decree exists in the consumer protection law, that briefly defined “that advertisers must prove the veracity of the information contained in advertising”. On the other hand the article that indicates the sanctions remains ambiguous since it doesn’t specify clearly who is liable for any infringements relating the Article 11.
Moreover, she placed particular emphasis on testimonial advertising that it should be limited to experts who used the product or service, this would prevent certain advertisements such as toothbrushes, to use fake experts.

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