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The struggle between the old and the new is forever one of security vs. innovation.

SADER is a 150 year old name, part of Lebanon's legal legacy. SADER & Associates Law Firm is one of its off-springs, which reflects a merging of heritage and evolution with a dynamic view of the legal world.
SADER & Associates started its first steps as a niche law firm, specialized in Intellectual Property. It evolved into the leading firm for IP in Lebanon.

Its creativity, innovation and most of all dependability were reflected in the LOGO of the firm.
The LOGO carried on the SADER color of burgundy, with an artful twist which is the cornerstone of Intellectual Property.

The firm has since then evolved and expanded. It is a pillar in the IP World in Lebanon, and has extended its services to different areas of law.

The new branding reflects a new age, one of change, technology and loyalty to its ancestry.
The burgundy color reflecting its ancestry and the current fields of law and specialization, whereas the bolder grey reflects the  innovation and new challenges which the firm will face within its new areas of practice.

Our new LOGO reflects our commitment to our clients, our heritage and our dedication to always strive to be the most "avant-garde" Law Firm, daring to tackle areas of law which are still not tackled in the local and regional markets.
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SADER & Associates

3rd floor, SADER building,
Dekwaneh, Beirut, Lebanon

Tel/Fax: +961 1 499 888
Mob: +961 3 055 056