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Rana Chamseldine

Rana Chamseldine joined SADER & Associates in 2010, as an attorney. She writes legal cases, consults with and represents clients in court.
Previously, Chamseldine worked as an attorney at the law offices of Elie T. Sayegh, where she wrote legal factums, represented the firm’s clients in court, and conducted research for the firm’s publications. Chamseldine researched and edited the “Fahras al Foqoh”, a 10-volume jurisprudence glossary.
Rana started working as a volunteer in the Lebanese Council to resist violence against women since 2001, whereas she served as a board member from 2006 till 2011. In this capacity she prepared judicial case studies relating to women and Lebanese law; she has served as a panelist in human rights conventions, discussing legal issues as they pertain to women; she has provided legal services to women and was a project coordinator for Save the Children (Sweden) project to raise awareness about sexual harassment of teen-aged girls.
Chamseldine earned her L.L.B. in 1998 from the Lebanese University.

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