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Information Technology and Telecommunications
We advise users and creators on legal issues relating to Information Technology. The international scope of the sector requires a team of professionals with a detailed appreciation for the nature of the industry, combined with a keen sense of legal expertise, and this is what SADER offers our clients. We aid our clients across a wide range of systems, database and telecom technologies, online services, internet transactions, domain name disputes, new internet related technology, wireless, and satellite communications, as well as the import and export of IT related products. Our team understands the challenges faced within the industry and has successfully advised on issues such as software licensing, hosting and support services, systems development and integration, as well as application development. We work in line with the aims of our clients offering them negotiation, litigation and strategic legal management services.

SADER & Associate’s expert IT department represents and assists SADER Group, the firm’s parent company, in the drafting of agreements and in leading negotiations, both locally and internationally, to both private and public entities. Additionally, the firm aids in the support of computer fraud actions, and contribute IT related endeavors, such as the building and design of websites, software and legal publishing for a range of industries including international organizations and private businesses.

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