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Human Capital
Our primary asset is our Human Capital. The people at SA are its essence, working in unison to achieve a common objective; of protecting and upholding its client's rights, while bringing each their own unique background and experiences towards that purpose.

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Our paramount commitment is to the application of the rule of law. Our Firm, though highly successful, is not litigious nor is it financially driven; it is mainly centered on the successful outcome of our clients’ cases.
We provide a rapid and precise response to our clients, thanks to our organized, team-based approach. We work in harmony yet with a clear division of individual functions and responsibilities, a structured reporting and accountability system to minimize the chances of overlaps or inefficiency. The firm’s quality assurance system is designed as a tool for transparent and result-oriented service to our clients.

One of our most important values is the ability to apply a progressive legal approach and new means of assisting our clients in protecting their business interests. Using the advanced research resources, we endeavor to stay ahead of the curve in protecting and caring for our clients and always generating creative strategies.

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