A veteran attorney and educator since 1955, Khalil Sfeir co-founded SADER & Associates, in 2004. Sfeir specializes in international law, intellectual property, family law, conflict of laws and comparative law, to name a few.

He earned his L.L.B. from Cairo University, and his L.L.M. from SMU, in Dallas, Texas, in 1956 followed by a PhD from Cairo University, in 1960. He was admitted to the Cairo Bar Association, in 1955 and then moved to Lebanon, where he became a member of the Tripoli Bar Association, in 1961

Before joining SA, Sfeir had practiced law in several Middle East countries as well as in France, Switzerland, Italy and the United States, where trained in American Legal system at the Law firm of Donovan, Leisure, Newton and Irvine in New York.

Sfeir began teaching law in 1961, at Lebanon’s Sagesse Law School, where he has been appointed Dean from 1989 to 1999. His curriculum included international law, conflict of laws, family law, Anglo-Saxon law, comparative law, inheritance law, wills and intellectual property.

Practice Areas