Rany SADER is co-founder and managing partner of SADER & Associates. As co-founder his vision for a modern and innovative law firm is reflected in the Firm’s core values as well as his ability in finding multitalented individuals as core members of the firm.

As managing partner, his main occupation is to set the strategy for the law firm's development and expansion in terms of operations, public relations and quality. He also supervises the diagnostic and directional approaches of every case and participates in negotiations related to clients and their business interests.

He has overseen a multitude of mediations, negotiations and settlement agreements for clients, particularly dealing with Ministries, Governmental departments & administrations as well as the private sector

SADER has extensive experience in the representation of international clients in diverse industries, including IT, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, FCMG, high fashion, cosmetics, media, entertainment, advertising, consumer protection and more

His main talent is for putting together a successful strategy for the establishment and protection of client's IP rights, starting from the registration of the IP right up to the institution and execution of the anti-counterfeiting & anti-piracy plan, as well as maintaining the Trademark & Brand's relevance in the market. This strategy has proven its effectiveness for numerous clients whose trademark was at risk, which lead to the firm being selected as the representative of international conglomerates in Lebanon and the Levant

SADER constantly seeks intensive programs to develop his skills and knowledge in this increasingly competitive and innovative world. He believes that learning is not an accomplishment by itself but an endless journey

Being the leading attorney at SADER & Associates as well as a leader in the intellectual property rights, information technology and legal informatics fields in the middle east, he is often invited as a speaker at seminars related to intellectual property, information technology and anti-counterfeiting


SADER is a prolific author of legal books, such as the Reference Guide of Intellectual Property Jurisprudence and publications in Arabic, French and English. As President of the SADER law research center (affiliated to SADER Group, established in 1863), SADER has created and participated in many publications aiming at promoting the Rule of law in Lebanon and the Levant


SADER earned his L.L.B. in 1996, from La Sagesse University, Lebanon, and his L.L.M. in 2003, from USEK University, Lebanon


In 2014, following his participation in the Harvard Law School’s program on negotiation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, SADER was granted the Certificate of Negotiation and Leadership.
In 2013, SADER obtained George Washington University Certificate in Leadership during the "Thinking for Success" program in partnership with The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) in Jounieh, Lebanon.

Bar Admissions
Beirut Bar Association