Senior Associate

Samer Oueidet joined SADER & ASSOCIATES in 2010 as an attorney. In this capacity, he drafts Agreements, writes cases and conducts researches. He provides legal consultancy for the clients of the firm as well and is concurrently part of SADER Legal Research Center as a Legal Researcher.
Samer is specialized in Intellectual Property, Criminal and Civil Law and has extensive experience in Commercial, Real Estate, Labor and Banking law. Before being part of SADER & ASSOCIATES, he served as a counsel to several firms, represented clients in Courts and conducted Investigations.

In addition to being an attorney at Law, Samer is a lecturer at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Business Administration, as he is currently preparing to obtain his Ph.D. in Private law. He has also participated in various training and workshops among which an Awareness Workshop related to the Special Tribunal of Lebanon. In addition to that, Samer is the author of the " Confessional Judgments " book which is adopted by the Druze religious Courts, and co-authored several legal books published by SADER Publishers such as "The compilation of Engineering Laws in Lebanon" in 2010.
Samer participated in several seminars related to counterfeit detection and protection of information security, in addition to other Intellectual Property matters and was named advisor for the settlement of IP disputes by the Arab Council for Martial Courts.


Beirut Bar Association


Arab University of Beirut - PhD student in private law - 2007 - Present.

Arab University of Beirut - Lebanon - L.L.M in private law - 2006.

Lebanese University - Lebanon- Diploma in Public Law - 2006.

Lebanese University - Lebanon - Diploma in Private Law- 2005.

Lebanese University - Lebanon - BA of Laws - 2002.


Arabic, French, English